The brand debuts its 30-second spot that showcases the hilarious consequences that can ensue when Flavour Stacking Pringles crisps

As the biggest snacking day of the year approaches, the Pringles brand is ready for take-off and releasing its fourth consecutive Big Game spot. Fans were given a sneak peek via the Pringles social channels, and the brand is now debuting the full spot.

After last year’s ad featuring the animated duo Rick and Morty, the Pringles 2021 spot further propel viewers into the world of Flavor Stacking, which encourages fans to unlock new flavour combinations by stacking different crisps on top of each other. After tuning in, fans will have a better understanding of the unexpected and hilarious consequences that can ensue when they get too distracted by endless flavour exploration.

The ad, titled “Space Return”, opens with a pair of astronauts who have made a successful water landing and … Read more

It isn’t unusual to have no savings at 40, and it may become even more common in future. People are under a lot of financial pressure right now, and building wealth for retirement may seem a relatively low priority.

Retirement seems a long way off when you are young, but it comes round soon enough. An important first step is to confirm whether you really have anything set aside for the future or not. Many people will have some long-term savings at this age, courtesy of a workplace pension or two. So I’d start by rounding them all up. If I’d lost track of any schemes, I would try to find them through the Pension Tracing Service.

Time for action

The next thing I would do is work out how much I ought to be saving each month. Some people make the mistake of spending what they want, then … Read more

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Most of the time when we hear about cybersecurity crimes, we hear from the leading players, companies like Crowdstrike that nailed the Russians for stealing DNC emails in 2016. Or Microsoft warning that the Russians were trying to hack 2018 election campaigns. Or FireEye disclosing last month that it was itself penetrated by nation-state hackers (who turned out to be Russians).

But, as we are learning from that last incident, we can’t ensure cybersecurity just by relying on the big names.

FireEye had uncovered the tip of what is now considered the largest and most damaging hack in the history of cybersecurity, one that breached the computer networks of hundreds of major companies and government agencies including the U.S. Treasury, the State Department, … Read more

Marketing your products or services used to be simpler in many ways — you sold by word of mouth, from door to door, or through a catalog. But because of that, reach was limited. Today, while there are more businesses to compete with and more noise for consumers to sort through, there are also many more ways to reach customers and secure a sale.

Even back in the early 1950s, marketing specialists knew that growth would lead to a need for more refined strategies and a guide of some sort to help businesses ensure they were able to go beyond just their idea and begin making actual sales. Luckily for those responsible for marketing today, that knowledge became something that is now widely used for planning, evaluating, and revising the activities of businesses around the world.

Many companies use seven principles, called the 7 Ps of marketing, and a mix … Read more

The campaign is all about cutting away from the daily routine and draws from the core values that have inspired Cutwater since the brand’s very beginning

Cutwater Spirits, the most awarded canned cocktail brand in the US, releases its “Cut Out With Cutwater” ad campaign with a TV commercial airing on game day, digital takeovers, and a social media series featuring actress Emily Hampshire, renowned for her role as Stevie Budd on Schitt’s Creek and “longtime Cut-Out enthusiast.”

Approachable with a distinctly SoCal aesthetic, the campaign is all about cutting away from the daily routine and draws from the core values that have inspired Cutwater since the brand’s very beginning. As a former brewer familiar with the canned format, Cutwater Spirits’ Co-Founder and Master Distiller, Yuseff Cherney came up with the idea to take his award-winning spirits and create high-quality canned cocktails so they could be enjoyed anywhere.

He … Read more