Investing a lump sum of £500 a month into UK shares may not appear to be an excellent way to get rich at first glance.

However, I believe that, over the long term, this approach can yield tremendous results. My calculations show it could be possible to turn a relatively small investment of £500 a month into an impressive lump sum of £1m in just a few decades.

Investing in UK shares

Unfortunately, with interest rates where they are today, investors are going to need more than the average savings account to build a million-pound nest egg.

I think UK shares certainly present the perfect alternative. Historically, stocks and shares have been a volatile asset class to own for a short period, say for two or three years. Nevertheless, in the long run, stocks and shares have produced large positive returns. Indeed, over the last 35 years, the FTSE 250Read more

The U.S. will require passengers flying from the U.K. to show proof of a negative test for coronavirus, amid rising concerns over a more-contagious COVID-19 strain that is spreading after first emerging in England.

Travelers arriving from the U.K. need to get a negative polymerase chain reaction or antigen test no more than 72 hours before leaving, according to a statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC said the order will be signed by President Donald Trump on Friday and come into effect Dec. 28.

Regions from Hong Kong to Canada have temporarily suspended travel from the U.K. as the new coronavirus variant alarmed scientists and governments around the world. Early analysis suggests it may be as much as 70{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} more transmissible than other circulating strains.

Passengers from the U.K. must provide written documentation of their test to their airline, according to the CDC statement. Carriers … Read more

Are you hitting publish on your Instagram posts, waiting patiently for the likes and comments to roll in, and they don’t come? You’re still waiting, waiting a little longer…

Getting engagement on Instagram isn’t what it was back in 2010–we can’t expect to hit publish and reach thousands of people the way we used to. Instagram in 2020 requires a bit more strategy, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. 😉

We’re marketers, so that means we’re not just going to whip up a creative caption for our audience–we’re going to make sure we’re backing it with some strategy. We’re going to use the worksheets that help us talk to our customers where they are in their experience with the pain point our product solves and write a clear call to action asking them to do something after reading our post.

Here’s what we’re going to use to craft an engaging Instagram Read more

Domino’s gives more that 11,500 company-owned stores and supply chain hourly team members and drivers will receive a special bonus in December

Domino’s Pizza Inc., the largest pizza company in the world based on global retails sales, announced this week that more than 11,500 company-owned store and supply chain hourly team members and drivers will receive a special bonus in December, an investment totalling more than US$9.6m/£7m. Eligible team members will earn up to US$1.2k/£883 in bonus compensation.

Domino’s previously paid a special bonus to frontline workers at its corporate stores and supply chain centers earlier this year, while also providing paid time off to its part-time, frontline team members impacted by COVID-19.

“We strive every day to uphold our values of doing the right thing and putting people first,” said Domino’s Chief Executive Officer Ritch Allison. “We have the honour and privilege of being open and operating throughout … Read more

In 2020, the UK’s state-owned savings bank National Savings and Investments (NS&I) changed its Premium Bonds policy by reducing the annual prize fund rate. This greatly reduced the prize pool available to Premium Bond holders. The prizes in this pool were difficult to win before, but now the odds are much lower, and winning a million pounds via such bonds is highly unlikely. I think investing in the FTSE 100 index and other stock market indices is a much better route to making a million.

Finding value in the FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 contains some of the UK’s best companies with an international presence. These are well established, with an edge over competitors and the ability to generate revenue. These are all important factors to consider when deciding which stocks to buy. Many FTSE 100 companies also offer shareholders a dividend to keep them invested.

In fact, I think … Read more