AspenCore Studio recently created and produced “Driven” for Centennial, CO-based Arrow Electronics, featuring former IndyCar driver Sam Schmidt and current co-owner of Indycar racing team, Arrow McLaren SP. Aspencore Studio was tapped to produce this inspirational story for the Indy 500 broadcast on NBC. Executive Producer/Director Steve Urbano and AspenCore Studio Creative Director Spencer Millard led a talented team to concept and deliver this spot for Arrow in just three weeks. 

Indycar racer Sam Schmidt crashed in 2000, severely injuring his spinal cord. Diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Sam was determined to drive again and in 2013, he partnered with Arrow and its engineering team who helped make his dreams come true. His mission was successfully accomplished as he now drives the Arrow Electronics SAM car. As a racer, Sam Schmidt wants to continue pushing the limits of what’s possible. Arrow engineers are developing an exoskeleton suit that will provide even … Read more

Ecosse Sports rebranding as Sportex complements the company’s unique recycling service for old artificial sports surfaces with its name derived from ‘sports’ and ‘texture’ and ‘technical’

Designhouse has created a dynamic new name and visual identity for Ecosse Sports that match their ambitions for growth in the UK artificial sports surfacing and recycling market.

The company, which is the first and only UK company to offer a unique recycling service for old artificial sports surfaces, has rebranded as Sportex, a name derived from ‘sports’ and ‘texture’ and ‘technical’. The new name has appeal across the whole UK market, beyond the Scottish location of the company headquarters.

The rename and rebrand were commissioned to modernise the look and feel of the company, which installs, maintains and recycles artificial sports surfacing. High-profile clients span across a range of industries including local authorities, professional sports clubs, universities, schools, Ministry of Defence and … Read more

By: Mark Patterson, CEO, Fíonta

Many nonprofit organizations rely on contact centers to support mission-critical activities like donor outreach, helplines and crisis centers, voter registration, among other important services.

Many technology solutions exist for organizations looking to satisfy their call center needs internally, while outsourcing is an option for organizations that choose to use an outside or external party. Note that we use the terms “contact” and “call” center through this blog post–the major differentiator is that contact centers typically offer omni-channel support through telephone, email, chat, SMS, and potentially other communication methods, while call centers are usually just telephonic.

Salesforce Service Cloud was recently named a leader in customer service by Gartner and offers an excellent option for organizations implementing contact centers. Here are five reasons why…

1. Service Cloud Supports a Wide Variety of Contact Center Needs

Service Cloud is built to support contact centers through omni-channel, self-service … Read more

This does not seem like the right time for income investing. Companies everywhere are reducing or halting their dividend payments. Personally, some of my best income investments have stopped their dividends in the past few months. I dread the results of those that still do pay, waiting for another penny to drop.

It might seem strange then, that I actually think we have an opportunity. In this environment, we may be poised to set ourselves up with even greater income generating stocks. Here’s how…

Troubled times

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that, of course, some UK companies are still paying dividends. But even with this as the case, the current environment seems to mean that these payments are far from certain. At the same time, income investors may be flocking to the few ‘golden geese’ that keep paying, likely inflating the share prices.

These fears and troubles can … Read more

Rising sea levels have begun to decimate coastal forests, leaving white, dead stumps in their wake as salt water damages ecosystems that previously relied on freshwater ecosystems. Scientists call them “ghost forests.” And they’re growing at an alarming pace, say researchers at North Carolina State University.

A study released this week of the state’s Albemarle-Pamlico Peninsula found these ghost forests had spread across 15{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} of the land between 2001 and 2014, the years the study tracked. The researchers calculated that devastation equated to 130,000 metric tons of carbon that otherwise would have been captured by the forest.

“Many people think about sea level rise as being more of a long-term threat,” said the study’s lead author, Lindsey Smart, a research associate at the North Carolina State University Center for Geospatial Analytics.

But the researchers saw “significant changes” over shorter time periods, not just because of sea levels rising gradually, but … Read more