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This new digital video series from CPB for, shot in the style of a 90s after school special, features Captain Obvious covering important topics like sleeping around and finding the right partner.

The four spot campaign directed by Jake Szymanski of Gifted Youth — known for his work with Funny or Die and SNL Digital Shorts — shows how you can practice safe booking thanks to’s free cancellation that gives you the “protection” you need, and the ability to explore “places you’ve never gone before” with the variety of accommodation types offered. The spots will begin running on Snapchat, Spotify, Vevo and Vox starting today.

CPB went full 90s on this campaign, making sure the wardrobe and makeup were period correct. Captain’s outfit features his signature color palette and regalia in the form of a nylon windbreaker with sweet 90s kicks. And since revealing in last year’s Future Read more

Lloyds Banking Group (LSE: LLOY) has paid its shareholders some big dividends in recent years. Last year, however, the FTSE 100 bank was forced to suspend its dividend by the Bank of England. The regulator wanted to ensure that UK banks had enough capital on hand to support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Will Lloyds pay a dividend in 2021? Let’s take a look at what the company has said about its distributions going forward.

Will Lloyds’ dividend make a comeback in 2021?

In Lloyds’ full-year results for 2020, posted in late February, the bank advised that its board had recommended a final ordinary dividend of 0.57p per share for 2020. This was the maximum allowed under the Bank of England’s guidelines.

This dividend is set to be paid on 25 May 2021, which is only a few weeks away now. The ex-dividend date for this was 15 … Read more

More than 60% of marketers use 20+ marketing tools on a regular basis according to Airtable. For email marketing alone, more than half of small businesses use two or more tools according to Litmus. And the number of sales and marketing tools each company uses is forecasted to continue to increase rapidly as the number of available tools and the amount of customer data grows.

At the same time, according to Mulesoft, only 28% of tools a company uses are integrated with other tools. More tools, more data, but limited integration—can you spot the issue here?

Before we get to possible solutions, let’s take a step back and look at the biggest martech dilemma that sales and marketing leaders have been grappling with over the last several years.

Should you use best-of-breed tools or an all-in-one marketing suite?

The major shift: a preference for integrated suites

Up … Read more

Degree has collaborated with consumers with disabilities and a diverse group of experts to come up with a concept deodorant that makes application easier

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. In the United States alone, one in four people have a disability, yet beauty and personal care products often overlook their challenges and needs. As the world’s no.1 antiperspirant and deodorant brand, Degree is taking action to change this.

Degree – also sold as Rexona, Sure and Shield in different countries – believes movement has the power to transform lives and that everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, mental and social benefits it can bring, whoever you are and however you move.

Limited sight or arm mobility can make twisting a deodorant cap, turning a stick or pressing a spray a challenge, and sometimes fear of sweating without antiperspirant protection … Read more

To support education institutions, Esor Consulting Group, a Equality Partner, and HBCUforce, are helping to train and hire underrepresented minorities in IT. The tech industry’s market and growth potential, including the CRM and cloud computing verticals, offer a point of entry into careers that are underrepresented by people of color. This critical work is changing lives and generations to come. 

Esor and are committed to opening the doors of opportunity so that everyone has equal access to a quality education, meaningful career, and prosperous future. Student success is critical to building a better future for all.

The tech industry’s market and growth potential offer a point of entry into careers
that are underrepresented by people of color.

As inequalities have grown during the global COVID-19 pandemic and new challenges have emerged for schools to equitably and holistically support their students, we feel a sense of … Read more