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Zoe Saldana joins Snoop Dogg and Bad Bunny in the latest spot from Corona’s La Vida Mas Fina’ campaign from MullenLowe LA

Last fall, Snoop Dogg made his first appearance as Corona’s new spokesperson in the brand’s first “La Vida Mas Fina” ads from MullenLowe LA, in which the rapper brings his chill vibe to the beach. Now, he’s back in a new spot to run during the Golden Globes on Sunday, but this time, he’s accompanied by a pair of other celebs, fellow rapper/singer Bad Bunny and actor Zoe Saldana.

The brand’s ad depicts Snoop Dogg relaxing on the sand with a Corona at his side. His “shell phone” rings and on the other end is Saldana, with a Nautilus pressed to her ear. “Snoop!” she yells. “Zoe!” he bellows back before he placing it on speaker. Bad Bunny, who’s frolicking in the water, joins in, beginning a … Read more

Pickpocket taking money from oblivious man on phone image.

B2B marketers, are we over the B2C envy yet?

We used to have a legitimate reason to be envious. B2C marketers got to be more creative, personal, emotional, and interactive. We were stuck with dry, logical appeals with no-frills presentation.

These days, though, B2B marketers can be just as dynamic and creative as our B2C counterparts. And we not only can, we should.

Yet we still hear that drumbeat: “B2B marketing needs to be more like B2C.” 

Does it really?

I would argue yes, but only to a certain point. B2B is its own discipline with its own best practices. There are a few recent developments in B2C that we should borrow, but there are just as many strategies and tactics that don’t translate as well.

In the interest of continually evolving B2B marketing to be more sophisticated, more useful, and more effective: Here are five B2C trends Read more

By: Education Cloud Team

President Wayne A. I. Frederick of Howard University once said that it’s a danger to the national interest to not invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

We agree.

Even though Black History Month is over, it’s more important than ever to invest in the Black community and equalize opportunities, especially in education. HBCUs are essential pillars in driving impact and social change. They are at the center of sparking innovation, creating opportunities for first generation students, and charting a new path forward to greater equity and access through education. Not only are their contributions in critical fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) important, they also contribute to a more diverse workforce.

Ashley Christopher, Founder of HBCU Week Foundation, an annual celebration of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) says, “Our efforts don’t end when students get on campus. Sustaining Read more

I’m not a professional investor. As well as being a way to earn some extra income, it’s a hobby of mine to follow the stock market and the latest news.

Initially I was tempted by the potential returns I could get from a Stocks and Shares ISA. With interest rates at historic lows, savings accounts were becoming less and less worthwhile for me.

Many people have at least thought about buying stocks and shares, but often don’t know how to do it. Or they may think they need to have thousands to spare every month to make it worth their while.

I don’t see it that way. When I started investing, I put a small portion of my salary towards buying UK stocks and funds. This allowed me to see how the market and various investment platforms worked. When I could afford to, I gradually increased my my investments.

Here’s … Read more

LEGO Group showcases children’s creativity and inspires them to ‘Rebuild the World’

Award-winning US perspective artist Alexa Meade has unveiled her latest work, a new surreal sculpture made from over 12,000 LEGO bricks. In a new film released by the LEGO Group as part of the Rebuild the World campaign, the artist best known for her optical illusion paintings, reveals how the new piece was inspired by two children she worked with during lockdown.

The Group’s latest film welcomes viewers into Alexa’s kaleidoscopic home in Los Angeles as she starts the creative ideation for her new masterpiece. Here, the artist who usually paints real people to look like 2D portraits meets with siblings, D’Elijah and Kyrie, who reintroduce her to the joyful medium of LEGO play. The result, an amazing rainbow alien sculpture, was inspired by the creative brief developed by the children Alexa meets in the film.

Alexa explores … Read more