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Guinness is raising #AToastTo our heroes on the front lines, pubs and bartenders, and our community of friends near and far

For more than 260 years, Guinness, an alcohol brand, has been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and what it means to be Irish: being resilient, toasting to the good times and always focusing on the silver linings.

This past year, we’ve seen so many people do their part to lift us all up and keep us going, so to spread the magic of St. Patrick’s Day in 2021, Guinness is raising #AToastTo our heroes on the front lines, pubs and bartenders, and our community of friends near and far.

“We won’t quite be able to march again this year, but we can give thanks to the people who have raised us all up since last St. Patrick’s Day – through our words, but much more importantly, through our actions,” … Read more

Higher education Trailblazers from across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) unite! We’re proud to announce the launch of the 2021 EMEA Higher Education Advisory Council (HEAC).

Top change agents and innovators representing 17 institutions spanning 11 nations have joined together to empower our entire higher ed community through CRM technology and an increasingly-important need for digital transformation.

Community Pioneers: EMEA Higher Ed Advisory Council members meet in London in February 2020.

Peter Theunert, HEAC vice-chair and head of process digitization at Bucerius Law School, says that now is a critical time to collaborate across the industry. “It is now more important than ever that a forum for exchange on best practices and solutions for student success and lean management structures in higher ed is relevant.” 

HEAC members, who were selected through an open call for nominations, generously volunteer their time to focus on important areas, like:Read more

Negative equity is not a position that any homeowner wants to find themselves in. But it can happen. We take a look at what negative equity is – and how to avoid it.

What is negative equity?

Negative equity is when the value of your home is below the amount that you owe.

Basically, if you bought your home for £100,000 with a mortgage of £95,000 and the property is now only worth £80,000, you would be in negative equity.

It typically occurs when there are falling house prices and people have borrowed at a high loan-to-value (LTV). If you only have a small stake in the property to begin with, and a large amount of debt, then you run the risk of negative equity if house prices drop.

What’s the impact of being in negative equity?

If you don’t need to sell or remortgage, being in negative isn’t necessarily … Read more

  • AI and Machine Learning are on track to generate between $1.4 Trillion to $2.6 Trillion in value by solving Marketing and Sales problems over the next three years, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.
  • Marketers’ use of AI soared between 2018 and 2020, jumping from 29% in 2018 to 84% in 2020, according to Salesforce Research’s most recent State of Marketing Study.
  • AI, Machine Learning, marketing & advertising technologies, voice/chat/digital assistants, and mobile tech & apps are the five technologies that will have the greatest impact on the future of marketing, according to Drift’s 2020 Marketing Leadership Benchmark Report.

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and the marketing teams they lead are expected to excel at creating customer trust, a brand that exudes empathy and data-driven strategies that deliver results. Personalizing channel experiences at scale works when CMOs strike the perfect balance between their jobs’ emotional and logical, data-driven parts. That’s what … Read more

For those with an inner child longing to have time in the sun, Cadbury Crème Egg flavoured stout has arrived

Cadbury Chocolate brand has teamed up with beer brand, Goose Island, to create Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout, the first-ever Cadbury Creme Egg beer, strictly available to fans over 18, and developed in partnership with creative agency, Elvis.

The Cadbury-Goose Island version of cream stout is part of the Cadbury Creme Egg Golden Goobilee to mark the brand’s 50th birthday, which began in January of this year. It follows the launch of a 60-second film celebrating the different ways Cadbury Creme Egg fans have enjoyed the Easter treat for the last 50 years. Crème Egg flavoured beer was the agency’s idea – a product of curiosity, creative imagination and the desire to put two favourites together. Note: It’s meant to be drunk with a Crème Egg “chaser”.

It’s an “eggclectic” … Read more