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In a homage to this year’s Olympics taking place in Tokyo, Japan, the anime-styled commercial depicts the struggle to save Taco Bell Nacho Fries from evil forces

Taco Bell’s latest spot ‘Fry Force’, created by production powerhouse Psyop in collaboration with advertising agency Deutsch, premiered today during the Opening Ceremonies for the 2021 Summer Olympics.

In a homage to this year’s Olympics taking place in Tokyo, Japan, the anime-styled commercial depicts the struggle to save the brand’s Nacho Fries from evil forces. Playing like a short film, director Luca Vitale worked with Psyop to design the animation project, which was completed in just nine weeks, from start to finish.

“For this specific piece, we really wanted to play to the tropes. There was the mandate to be dramatic and classic, but it’s about Nacho Fries,” said Vitale. “There is drama juxtaposed to the silliness. Getting to work with … Read more

Timeless SEO Tips

Content is the research search began in the first place.

Learning about how to get customers to visit newly created websites is where my search engine optimization education began. In that journey from before there was a Google to today, many things have changed. What has stayed the same is the opportunity to grow business by connecting customers to content by being the best answer and inspiring those customers to take action.

The best SEO practitioners stay on top of what’s current, always experimenting and evaluating what works for topics in a particular industry for the websites and content they’re in charge of attracting customers to. At the same time, the best SEO advice isn’t worth much if it doesn’t get implemented. That’s why many marketers with long term SEO experience emphasize the fundamentals.

If content can be found in search, it can be optimized for better performance.

With over … Read more

With the Rolls-Royce (LSE: RR) share price dropping below 100p, I am tempted to buy this stock before the civil aerospace company’s recovery becomes fully realised.

But with possible further damage to the aviation sector brewing because of new variants of coronavirus such as the Delta variant, some investors might see this share as one to be avoided.

Here, I explain why I will be betting on a favourable future in 2021 for Rolls-Royce.

Another lockdown could be devastating for Rolls-Royce

First things first, I need to look at what another lockdown could mean for the Rolls-Royce share price.

With no planes in the air due to travel restrictions, Rolls-Royce would continue to lose revenue on its maintenance contracts as these are dependent on airtime. This would be a big blow for the company because these contracts contribute to Rolls-Royce’s main bulk of revenue, whereas the company only just about … Read more

Your customers are your best salespeople. They’re the ones that don’t have to market your full suite of services or show your products in the perfect lighting to make the sale. All they need to do is tell an interested friend (with the same pain point) how much they enjoy your company—and you just got a new customer.

That’s the power of a raving fan. Forget the strategic copy and just-the-right-color “Buy Now” buttonS…affiliate marketing is your knight in shining armor.

Your affiliate marketing program gives incentives to your customers if they refer a customer to your services or products.

→ A marketing agency can give a $1,000 cash bonus (or $1k off their next invoice) to any of their customers who refer a friend. 

→ An ecommerce store can give a 10% discount to anybody who refers a friend to buy at least $50 worth of products. 

Affiliate … Read more

What Are Click-Through Rates

Let’s begin by defining exactly what a click-through rate is. To make sure that we are accurate in our definition of what a CTR is, let’s go right to the source, Google. The click-through rate definition, according to Google, is a ratio that shows how often people see your ad or your organic (SEO) listing and end up clicking on that ad or listing. That ratio is known as the click-through rate or CTR for short.

Why Click-Through Rate Is Important

All too often agencies will provide impression data for ads. You’ll typically see a spreadsheet that has an ad identification number followed by the number of impressions (the number of times that the ad was seen) that the ad had. The problem with this metric is that without including the click-through rate, you have no idea how well the ad performed or didn’t.

Here’s an … Read more