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Michelob ULTRA launches ‘Beer Run’ – a first of its kind programme allowing consumers to trade in their hard-earned miles for beer

Michelob ULTRA, the fastest growing beer in the US, is encouraging people to get outdoors and get active, safely, with their go-to fit squad by allowing them to trade their miles for beer.

ULTRA Beer Run is an unprecedented programme that allows people to exchange their miles, push-ups, downwards dogs or any exercise activity for the unmatched experience of grabbing a cold one with friends, post-workout. A relentless champion of living an active, balanced lifestyle, Michelob ULTRA believes workouts are better with others and that it’s only worth it if you enjoy it.

This epic, one-of-a-kind programme inspires active seekers all over the US and rewards them with refreshing Michelob ULTRA to celebrate their pursuits.

To participate, 21+ consumers download the MyCooler app and register. Then simply … Read more

When looking for the best shares to buy, I primarily focus on the individual business, rather than what’s happening in the wider economy.

Does the company have a strong balance sheet? Is debt under control? Is its pension scheme a burden? How competitive is its market? What are the barriers to entry? Could a new challenger steal its customers? How sustainable is the dividend? Does the share price look undervalued or overpriced?

These will help me determine which shares are the best to buy for my portfolio. Doing my research like this doesn’t guarantee success, of course. No investor can guard against unexpected shocks. Either macroeconomic, such as the financial crisis or the Covid pandemic, or an individual company disaster, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon rig blow-out, or the Tesco accounting scandal.

I’m after the best shares to buy

One way I like to turn the odds in my … Read more

I recently had an interesting call with a potential client where we went back and forth getting to know each other. In the process, she said to me, “I want to be upfront with you and let you know that I’ve had some bad experiences with people doing lead generation for my business.” And I said, “Who hasn’t?”

I began to relay some stories to let her know that what I’m doing is not basic lead generation. Then it made me think, “How can I better communicate upfront to people what it is that I do?”

Today I want to talk about using mixed emotions and how that can emotionally charge your marketing messages.

If you’re a frequent listener of the Bacon Podcast, you may have heard my interview with Tim Ash, who has a book called Unleash Your Primal Brain. Not only did I interview him on the podcast, … Read more

New feel-good Pepsi commercial depicts a future world where life’s most enjoyable, albeit messiest, moments return

“The Mess We Miss,” the latest creative from Pepsi, debuts with a hopeful image of our future, inspired by our past. Set to the tune of the Broadway classic “Tomorrow” from Annie, the brand’s creative portrays an optimistic future where we can return to some of life’s most enjoyable (and often times messy) moments, even the ones we never expected to yearn for again.

Sometimes, it’s the overlooked and carefree moments in life that become unforgettable memories – celebrating a homerun at the ballpark with a complete stranger, a night out doing karaoke with friends, spending hours on the dance floor at a concert or wedding. These familiar moments of sheer joy not only harken back to a pre-pandemic time, but also represent an optimistic future that’s hopefully not too far away – … Read more

I’m delighted to see the Lloyds Banking Group (LSE: LLOY) share price stage such a strong recovery. I’ve previously hailed the FTSE 100 stock a bargain, but it’s also made me nervous and some days I wouldn’t have touched it at all.

In April last year, I said the Lloyds share price looked like an unmissable bargain, trading below 30p, but you’d need nerves of steel to buy it. It now stands at 46p, so anybody who rose to the challenge will have been amply rewarded.

Yet my ambivalence continued. In October, just before November’s vaccine breakthroughs, I noted that the Lloyds share price had lost 95% of its value since peaking at 591p just before the financial crisis. Despite that, it remained the UK’s most traded stock and I wondered if Britons had lost their minds over it. Me included.

This FTSE 100 stock is tempting

The Lloyds … Read more