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For those with an inner child longing to have time in the sun, Cadbury Crème Egg flavoured stout has arrived

Cadbury Chocolate brand has teamed up with beer brand, Goose Island, to create Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout, the first-ever Cadbury Creme Egg beer, strictly available to fans over 18, and developed in partnership with creative agency, Elvis.

The Cadbury-Goose Island version of cream stout is part of the Cadbury Creme Egg Golden Goobilee to mark the brand’s 50th birthday, which began in January of this year. It follows the launch of a 60-second film celebrating the different ways Cadbury Creme Egg fans have enjoyed the Easter treat for the last 50 years. Crème Egg flavoured beer was the agency’s idea – a product of curiosity, creative imagination and the desire to put two favourites together. Note: It’s meant to be drunk with a Crème Egg “chaser”.

It’s an “eggclectic” … Read more

By: Brady Josephson, Managing Director at the NextAfter Institute

In order to better understand the current state of online fundraising across the globe and learn how donors interact with nonprofits online, we became mystery donors and email subscribers to 630 organizations in nine countries. We analyzed our experiences along the way, tracked the emails we received for 90 days, and captured all the hurdles we faced during our interaction.  

We analyzed online donation processes and email subscriptions from 630 organizations in nine countries.

From this exercise, we collected some valuable data around how organizations are engaging donors and prospective donors. With this insight, you can benchmark yourself on a country-by-country basis,  see examples of donation pages and emails from different organizations, and improve your own  donor and subscriber experience.

Based on this new research, here are five key takeaways to help you optimize your digital fundraising efforts:

1. Test Read more

I reckon the worst is probably behind Rolls-Royce (LSE:RR) now. The company has plenty of liquidity in my view and it’s forecasting that it will turn cash flow positive some time in the second half of this year. Even if civil aviation remains weak, the odds are pretty high that air travel will eventually recover given the vaccine rollouts in my view. With the Rolls-Royce share price now around 110p per share, should I buy? Here’s what I think.

Vaccines & variants

As I have written before, I reckon a short-term factor that affects the Rolls-Royce share price a lot is the battle between Covid-19 vaccines and variants. On that front, there is some new news.

In terms of vaccines, the US recently approved Johnson & Johnson’s one shot vaccine, which should increase supply by a fair amount over the next few quarters. Although it isn’t as effective … Read more

Discover how brands have accelerated digital transformation projects, what tech is being used, and which channels and industries are enjoying success.

Measuring consumer change

It’s been well documented that the global pandemic has greatly changed consumer behavior. Most notably, lockdown legislation and the closure of bricks and mortar stores has seen a shift from physical to digital as consumer interactions and experiences now largely take place online.

In response, marketers and business leaders have been working hard to find ways to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects.

As is always the case with marketing, we look to data to tell us how this has been realized throughout the last 12 months. What has this meant for how brands engage with customers (and vice versa)? How does this change across industries? How successful are different channels? What does engagement look like today? And how do traditional channels compare against digital … Read more

Dettol lends its expertise to The Football Association to help the football community feel reassured on hygiene measures when returning to play and watch the game they love

Dettol has been announced as the Official Hygiene Partner of England’s Men’s and Women’s Senior Football Teams, Wembley Stadium connected by EE, the wider grassroots game and St George’s Park. Working with The Football Association (FA) to help reinforce good hygiene habits across every level of the game.

Good hygiene practices have never been more important to football given the current pandemic. The brand will lend its expertise to The Football Association to help the football community feel reassured on hygiene measures when returning to play and watch the game they love.

Over 17,000 grassroots clubs and 1.4 million players who participate in affiliated football will be given access to educational materials and a wide range of Dettol’s hygiene products. Dettol will … Read more