Victoria’s Secret’s campaign celebrates mothers and the strength and love they radiate everyday

In honour of Mother’s Day, Victoria’s Secret unveils its latest campaign celebrating mothers and the strength and love they radiate every day.

The black and white imagery was lensed by renowned photographer Cass Bird featuring Grace Elizabeth and her husband Nicolas Krause; Helena Christensen and her son Mingus Reedus; Mayowa Nicholas and her mother Temmy; and Sabina Karlsson with her husband Ricky Jackson and son Zion. The campaign captures the beauty, authenticity and emotional connection between those photographed highlighting many stages of motherhood.

The brand is the ultimate Mother’s Day gifting destination to make moms feel special this holiday. Featured throughout the campaign are cozy, casual and luxe Victoria’s Secret products for every mom including lace and satin sleep, cotton pajamas, robes, slippers, leggings, fleece sets, beauty and more.

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Attention higher education advisors: If you’ve ever questioned if your work makes a difference, we’re here to tell you it absolutely does. Your communication and outreach plays a significant role in engaging students, supporting their wellbeing, and helping them develop skills for the future.

Advisors have embraced new strategies and virtual solutions to ensure student success through the pandemic.

While the pandemic has made many students rethink their path to a “dream job” and plans for graduation, many of you within student services have also adapted (remarkably so) to the mantra of “meeting the students where they’re at.” Advisors are embracing new strategies and virtual solutions to mitigate face-to-face interactions and continue to ensure student success. 

Case in point: We recently spoke to one student about her path to graduation. She told us without hesitation that her advising experience was key to her success. 

Charlotte Perry, a student at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)

Charlotte Perry, Central New Mexico

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It’s been a significant week on UK share markets. The FTSE 100 rocketed back through 7,000 points for the first time in 14 months on Friday as market confidence swelled. Meanwhile the FTSE 250 mushroomed to uncharted heights a whisker off 22,600 points.

With this psychologically- and technically-important barrier down I think the FTSE 100 could now head for the stars. Strong US and Chinese economic performance has underpinned this new bull market. And my optimism on further gains is shared by UBS Global Wealth Management’s chief investment officer, Mark Haefele, for one. He comments that, “As the economic reopening accelerates in the coming months, we believe the bull market remains on a solid footing.”

A FTSE 100 stock on my shopping list

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Social listening is the new “authentic.” 

It’s hard to find marketing experts who haven’t said or written the word “social listening” as part of their 2021 strategy. Like authentic content was the marketing term of all terms a few years ago, social listening is now the marketing term of the year.

Social listening has risen to so much fame because it’s an absolute necessity in 2021 and beyond. Marketers have been using their social channels to survey their audience for years, asking them what content they want to see or what products they need. Social listening is taking that surveyship to the next level.

With social listening, brands can listen for more than content and product ideas. They can figure out what their customer avatar is thinking and talking about.

And that’s THE power tool of a marketer’s toolbox.

What is Social Listening?

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Account-based marketing plays a critical role in the growth of many businesses across a variety of industries. However, many marketers often rely on ABM when it may not be the best fit. In addition, what worked for account-based marketing even just a few months ago, may not be the most optimal strategy for marketing today.

In this article, we’ll explore how account-based marketing has changed over the years and whether or not it should be your focus. We’ll also explore in detail the many factors you need to consider to do ABM right.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) isn’t new

While reading a book called “No Forms, No Cold Calls & No Spam” by Latané Conant, I came to the realization that many vendors try to position ABM as a $40,000 technology stack problem.

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