“I don’t have any cash to spare. Can I get a mortgage without a deposit?” If you’ve ever asked this question, here’s what you should know about no deposit mortgages and whether they’re available to you.


Can I get a mortgage without a deposit?

It is possible, yes. They’re called ‘0 deposit mortgages’, or ‘no deposit mortgages’, and they allow you to borrow the full purchase price of a property without putting any money down.

Why is this different from most mortgages? Well, most lenders expect you to put down at least a 5% or 10% deposit before they’ll offer a home loan. However, some buyers simply don’t have the resources (or the time) to save. In such cases, no deposit mortgages can help people to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later. 

Who can get a mortgage without a deposit?

Here’s the thing. While no … Read more

Who is an impactful brand? It’s not a seller, but a storyteller. These six experience-based tips can help you tell a better brand story.

Companies that have been listening to their customers on social media and other online channels might notice that people are less likely to trust brands that speak only about their products or services. Modern marketing is not about brands but people. A human focus becomes key. Therefore, a marketing story must deploy not around the product itself but around the people whom it targets and who have created it. Human connections matter more than ever.

Many companies struggle to tell good stories and build meaningful connections with consumers. To tell a story is not much of a challenge. To tell a great story is the art you must master well to make an impact. After assisting many companies in the US and the Asia Pacific in … Read more

Old Navy aims to eliminate the use of plastic shopping bags in the US and Canada stores by 2023

Old Navy has announced the elimination of plastic shopping bags in the US and Canada stores by 2023, alongside other plastic reduction commitments aimed at creating a greener, cleaner future for the next generation.

The brand will also invest in a new wave of earth-minded changemakers in honour of the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. In partnership with 11-year-old Next Gen leader Ryan Hickman of Ryan’s Recycling Company, Old Navy will fund 51 GoFundMe fundraisers from young advocates leading environmental progress in their communities until the end of 2021.

Alongside its own sustainability efforts, Old Navy wants to encourage the next generation of innovative, eco-conscious activists to #imagineabetterfuture. The brand is naming “Recycle Ryan” Hickman as Old Navy’s Head of FUNcycling and investing in Project 3R, Ryan’s nonprofit organization dedicated to … Read more

With £2,000 right now I could begin to build a diversified portfolio with the potential to deliver meaningful returns over the long haul. Hunting for UK shares to buy now is high on my agenda.

I decided long ago to invest at least £1,000 in every stock chosen. Lesser sums make the transaction costs onerous when buying and selling. For example, the broker fees tend to be fixed whatever sum I invest. So a larger investment makes the cost a smaller percentage of my capital.

A bedrock backed by big-caps

If £2,000 was my first investment, I’d likely split it down the middle and diversify between two different stocks. For example, I could choose companies from the FTSE 100 index such as Barclays, Rio Tinto or Tesco. But mature businesses will be unlikely to deliver the growth I’m looking for in my portfolio.

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When it comes to writing engaging, interesting, and worthwhile content, our copywriters and social media specialists here at Curve are always on the lookout for new online resources to strengthen their copywriting skills.

We understand that copywriting can mean a bunch of different things, depending on your business, brand, and offerings. This means that sometimes we’re writing short and sweet social media posts and sometimes we’re writing long-form numbers-based case studies and in-depth blog posts on niche topics.

To help our future selves, and our readers, we gathered our top five resources that every copywriter should be using, no matter what kind of content they’re producing.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner copywriter, checking your grammar is a must. It can really make or break your content! That’s why, like many other people, we love Grammarly. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of your … Read more