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Prior to the pandemic, podcasts kept many of us sane during our daily commutes. As social distancing left those of us non-banana bread bakers searching for entertainment, podcasts came to the rescue even more — with a 42% increase in listens globally.  

The reason? Audio-based entertainment is flexible. You can listen on the go rather than being tethered to a screen, which is a welcomed relief as digital fatigue continues to grow. During isolation, many people reported that it was nice to feel like someone is having a conversation with you, about topics you find interesting. The only thing that could make it better in many cases would be the ability to interact.

Enter: Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that is gaining significant attention. It may seem strange Read more

As we celebrate National Community College Month, we wanted to share highlights from a conversation with Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana’s statewide system, and Dallas College

Like many community and technical colleges, they are using technology to create a connected learner experience across individual campuses and system-wide. Here are three takeaways from our conversation.

Many community colleges are looking to adopt tools and techniques to help students succeed.

Commit to Technology That Supports Your Institution’s Mission

Ivy Tech serves over 150,000 learners, including dual credit students in high school and working adults who are looking for a better job. More than 40% of all students are people of color. “We have a really big role to make sure we provide equitable opportunities for all Hoosiers,” says Dr. Sue Ellspermann, president of Ivy Tech.

Two years ago, when Ivy Tech hired its current CIO to lead its technology initiatives, Read more

When I talk with nonprofit leaders about digital transformation, I get responses that range from excitement and optimism to skepticism and overwhelm. Even the leaders who are eager to reimagine the way their organizations work aren’t sure how to determine how far they’ve progressed on their path to transformation — and how much more lies ahead.

It can sound big and murky, but digital transformation simply means integrating technology into your organization in a way that enhances your ability to deliver on your mission.

Research shows that nonprofits that have worked through a digital transformation process are fast, agile, and resilient. They can work quickly to collect and learn from data. Their systems and processes help them pivot when an unexpected turn of events (a global pandemic or a tidal wave of social activism, for example) turns their operations upside-down. They’re flexible enough to pursue multiple paths to impact, … Read more

Attention higher education advisors: If you’ve ever questioned if your work makes a difference, we’re here to tell you it absolutely does. Your communication and outreach plays a significant role in engaging students, supporting their wellbeing, and helping them develop skills for the future.

Advisors have embraced new strategies and virtual solutions to ensure student success through the pandemic.

While the pandemic has made many students rethink their path to a “dream job” and plans for graduation, many of you within student services have also adapted (remarkably so) to the mantra of “meeting the students where they’re at.” Advisors are embracing new strategies and virtual solutions to mitigate face-to-face interactions and continue to ensure student success. 

Case in point: We recently spoke to one student about her path to graduation. She told us without hesitation that her advising experience was key to her success. 

Charlotte Perry, a student at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)

Charlotte Perry, Central New Mexico

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Community and technical colleges play a vital role in providing equitable access to education, and we at are committed to supporting these institutions through technology, workforce development, and lifelong learning initiatives. With Community College Month in full swing, we’re proud to announce the launch of the 2021 Community and Technical College Advisory Council.  

Innovators across 12 institutions nationwide have come together to share best practices to drive learner and institution success, leverage Education Cloud, and accelerate digital transformation. Meet the diverse, passionate group of Trailblazers across our community!

Announcing the new members of the 2021 Community & Technical College Advisory Council.

Community & Technical College Advisory Council Goals

“When we connect across institutions and regions, we have the opportunity to learn from each other – triumphs and tribulations. In this sense, collaboration is really central to the heart of education.” – Shannon Thomas, Dean of Technology … Read more