Virtual summits have become a digital marketing trend now. Almost 70% of marketers use them to complement their in-person promotional events — and for good reason.

Virtual summits are among the most affordable and rapid methods for generating boatloads of traffic, leads, and conversions for any industry.

If you’re considering leveraging virtual summits to bolster your business performance, check out this guide where I lay down the essentials, benefits, networking tips, and FAQs about this strategic event.

Virtual summit meaning

A virtual summit is a synergetic online activity featuring a collection of back-to-back expert discussions concentrated usually on a specific niche or theme.

It is one where you organize a series of webinars and interviews with credible people and that you launch over many days.

It is an online, multi-session event. You can apply several variations to its program flow and access vis-a-vis attendance pricing (e.g., free, freemium, paid-to-join).

They … Read more

Sales teams manage a lot of different factors these days. Some are new, fresh challenges, and some old, but all part of a pretty delicate balancing act they’ve got to keep afloat to make the sale. But they’re not alone in this “battle” — marketing should be fighting right alongside them, with just as much of a stake in each sale.

It’s tough, though, when each team has their own set of concerns and issues. The ultimate goal could be lost in the daily duties, and even more so when they don’t understand the other’s needs.

No one wins in a silo, so that’s why it’s important for marketing to support sales in any way they can.

Here are six things you as a marketer can do to help:

1. Eavesdrop on Your Sales Team

What’s your sales team hearing every day? What objections and concerns do prospects have, … Read more

Who is an impactful brand? It’s not a seller, but a storyteller. These six experience-based tips can help you tell a better brand story.

Companies that have been listening to their customers on social media and other online channels might notice that people are less likely to trust brands that speak only about their products or services. Modern marketing is not about brands but people. A human focus becomes key. Therefore, a marketing story must deploy not around the product itself but around the people whom it targets and who have created it. Human connections matter more than ever.

Many companies struggle to tell good stories and build meaningful connections with consumers. To tell a story is not much of a challenge. To tell a great story is the art you must master well to make an impact. After assisting many companies in the US and the Asia Pacific in … Read more

When it comes to writing engaging, interesting, and worthwhile content, our copywriters and social media specialists here at Curve are always on the lookout for new online resources to strengthen their copywriting skills.

We understand that copywriting can mean a bunch of different things, depending on your business, brand, and offerings. This means that sometimes we’re writing short and sweet social media posts and sometimes we’re writing long-form numbers-based case studies and in-depth blog posts on niche topics.

To help our future selves, and our readers, we gathered our top five resources that every copywriter should be using, no matter what kind of content they’re producing.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner copywriter, checking your grammar is a must. It can really make or break your content! That’s why, like many other people, we love Grammarly. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of your … Read more

Account-based marketing plays a critical role in the growth of many businesses across a variety of industries. However, many marketers often rely on ABM when it may not be the best fit. In addition, what worked for account-based marketing even just a few months ago, may not be the most optimal strategy for marketing today.

In this article, we’ll explore how account-based marketing has changed over the years and whether or not it should be your focus. We’ll also explore in detail the many factors you need to consider to do ABM right.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) isn’t new

While reading a book called “No Forms, No Cold Calls & No Spam” by Latané Conant, I came to the realization that many vendors try to position ABM as a $40,000 technology stack problem.

The book dedicates quite a few pages to the ‘customer-centric stack’ and argues that because you’re … Read more