I have a prediction.

In 2021, Facebook is going to get busted up like Ma Bell (with Instagram and WhatsApp spun off on their own). The resulting exodus of unhappy advertisers will flee into the willing arms of TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and good old SEO.

And the smart marketers will repurpose content in a few clever ways we’ll discuss here.

See, Facebook spent $10.5 billion in legal fees alone in 2019. Still a fraction of $70 billion in ad revenue they earned, from which they generated $18.4 billion in net income. They seemed invincible.

Until they weren’t.

Unable to address mounting issues with content moderation, the government treats Facebook like a publisher (The New York Times), not a technology company that allows social blogging (WordPress).

In 2021, I predict it all comes crashing down. Mister “Senator, we run ads” cannot spin Apple as evil and Facebook as the … Read more

Your high-tier offers aren’t always the biggest profit drivers in your business.

You’d be surprised to find that sometimes, your low-ticket or mid-ticket offers might be your biggest source of revenue. The thing is—not every business owner knows what their profit drivers are. Since revenue is only one part of the equation, profit drivers can be hidden in plain sight.

Let’s shine some light on the profit drivers you didn’t know existed. As an ELITE Coach and founder of Jeronamo Solutions, Monique Morrison has figured out exactly how to know what products and services are bringing in the cash—and which are burning through it. In her Lab workshop, she went over how to look at your revenue vs. resources to build an evergreen growth machine.

We’re going to take a look at part of that training today, with a point-based system that Monique’s nailed down to show us … Read more

What Apple’s iOS 14 Update Means for Your Business

There are a lot of ways that the upcoming change to Apple’s iOS 14 is being described.

An attack on business.

A long overdue win for consumers.

Something that will deeply affect the websites that you love.

A way for users to take back control of their digital footprint.

It may seem like a lot of fuss to make about an internal operating system, but it’s true—it really is as groundbreaking and polarizing as it’s being made out to be.

And when it comes to groundbreaking and polarizing technology changes, we know you, the marketer just trying to keep the customers rolling in, often struggle to know what’s really important and applies directly to you.

Hint: this one is really important, and it applies directly to you.

So we’ve broken down the basics of this change—what is actually happening, why, and … Read more

Digital marketing has evolved far beyond publishing regular blog posts and broadcasting them through brand-owned channels.

It used to work pretty well about a decade ago but it will hardly produce just about any results these days.

We live in the era of an always multitasking, ever-moving consumer who is hard to impress. These days most brands were forced to up their content creation game and start producing in-depth and interactive content, investing into video creation and designing original graphics.

However it is not enough. While content quality is fundamental, your content strategy will fail to have any impact on your company’s bottom line unless it is optimized for capturing and nurturing leads.

Step 1: Optimize for the Customers’ Journeys, not Just Keywords

Every content creator knows what keyword research is and how to find keywords for their next piece.

Well, this is no longer enough.

Instead of targeting keywords, Read more

Digital marketing is no stranger to changes, especially after a year like 2020.

We have to stay on our toes if we want to stay relevant with the never ending changes to algorithms and regulations—and part of that is positioning ourselves for success.

What is digital marketing going to look like in 2021?

We had had 14 digital marketers weigh in to let us know what they see on the horizon, so we can all plan accordingly and have a great year of engagement, clicks, and conversions.

Here are predictions from 13 of digital marketing’s best minds for 2021.

Dan Dillon, Vice President of Marketing at Reveal Mobile

As the pandemic subsides, shoppers, diners, tourists and consumers of all kinds are going to go OUT. And when they go, they are going big. Marketers will need to know where their ideal customers go, how often they visit, competitors they’re shopping … Read more