How brand recognition gives organizations the ability to communicate faster and across a broader range of topics to stay top of mind.

Back when people socialized and mingled at parties, introductory chit-chat was an artform. Sipping your glass of wine and helping yourself to another vol-au-vent, you’d get to know your fellow guests with a series of probing yet inoffensive questions.

“What line of business are you in?”
“Kids go to one of the local schools?”
“Where’s that accent from, do I detect a hint of Spanish / Australian / Canadian / French / German?”

With the introductions over with, you can start discussing something more meaningful.

“I think Dave’s losing his hair.”
“These vol-au-vents are incredible.”
“We’ve won the lottery, but I haven’t told my husband yet.”

Of course, the situation’s completely different with people you already know. With barely a quick “hello” you can immediately skip the pleasantries … Read more

One of the greatest advantages that digital marketing provides is the marketing data that demonstrates ROI (or lack of ROI) for marketing campaigns. Twenty years ago this was revolutionary!

All of a sudden we were able to provide clients with data showing how many people visited their website, where they came from, what content they consumed when they were on the site along with a whole range of additional data.

Ten years ago, Big Data was all the rage. Big Data is high-volume, high-velocity information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.

Big Data was going to transform the way that companies looked at their marketing. It was going to bring more insights into the marketing decision making process and catapult the ROI for marketing campaigns and transform decision making through out the organization.

Today, according to a Read more

Want an inside look at how agencies are able to scale to the coveted million-dollar mark? In this episode, General Manager at Scalable Brand Studios Erin MacPherson joins Ralph and Amanda to talk about what it’s like to be inside of a growing agency and working through the inevitable challenges that come with growth. And, don’t forget that you can still grab the Tactical Troubleshooting Checklist for FREE ($297 value)—link below!

Listen To Learn:

  • What it’s like to hire as a remote agency
  • The importance of helping your employees as say no
  • What to expect from firing a customer and how to figure out if you can afford to let them go

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Not all businesses have a big budget dedicated to their marketing efforts. Yet, you must allocate a sufficient budget to meet your marketing goals [see below for some thoughts about how much you should allocate to marketing]. The big question is how to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to developing a detailed marketing budget. Today we’ll discuss 5 affordable marketing methods that produce high returns on your investment.

Below, you have some idea of how big a percentage of your revenue you should allocate to marketing depending on your industry. The highest percentage of revenue dedicated to marketing occurs among consumer packaged goods companies, while the lowest occurs in the energy industry (likely a function of the monopoly status of most energy companies around the country that eliminated customer choice).

Although somewhat similar, further guidance on how much you should allocate to your marketing budget … Read more

Marketing strategy is a foundational aspect of any business model, no matter how large or small a business it may be. It is the approach that a brand takes to reach out to its audience, tell its story, engage them, and eventually turn them into paying customers and foster growth and expansion of the brand.

It’s also something that constantly evolves and changes over time. As technological developments emerge, social trends come and go, and economies change, so it’s important for a business to stay agile in its approach to marketing too. To help you get inspired and find ways to bring in a more creative prospect to your marketing strategies, read on for some useful ideas.

Share eBooks and Guides

One of the most powerful and meaningful ways of connecting with your brand’s audience today is by sharing useful information. This can help potential customers see the value you … Read more