Salesforce Summer 21 Release Date Details from Salesforce

Salesforce Summer 21 Release Date and Preview information announcement by Salesforce.

May 07-08, 2021 (Sandbox Preview) and May 14, June 4, June 11 2021 (Production release) based on your Salesforce Instance.

To Check your Salesforce Instance, please have a look the details video –

Release Calendar

Salesforce Summer 21 Release Calendar –

Salesforce Summer 21 Release Date Details from Salesforce

Salesforce Summer 21 Pre-Release Org Sign Up: April 15, 2021 –
Salesforce Summer 21 Release Notes: April  25, 2021 –
Salesforce Summer 21 Sandbox Preview Starts: May 7-8, 2021 –
Salesforce Summer 21 Sandbox CUT-OFF Date: May 7, 2021
Salesforce Summer 21 Sandbox Check Out The Release Preview Site: May 7, 2021
Salesforce Summer 21 Trailhead Badge: May 7-8, 2021 –
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If I had a lump sum of £3,000 to invest today, I’d buy IAG (LSE: IAG) shares. I’d invest this amount because I believe it’ll give me some exposure to the airline without taking on too much risk.

There are a couple of reasons why I would buy the stock today. For a start, I think the company looks cheap, compared to its potential. For its 2019 financial year, the British Airways owner reported a net profit of €1.7bn. If it can return to this level of profitability, the IAG share price is sitting at a prospective P/E of around 7.5. 

However, just because a stock looks cheap isn’t necessarily a good reason to invest. Indeed, before investing any money in a cheap business, I think it’s always best to try and understand why the market has such a low opinion of the enterprise in the first place.

IAG share

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If you’re looking to manifest some money into your life, music might help, according to experts. The Body Shop recently looked into our quest to manifest our dreams into reality – and in the process discovered some interesting facts.

A quick Google search shows that in the past year alone, the interest in manifestation methods has grown a massive 15,492%. TikTok and Instagram are leading that revolution, helping people focus on their wellness so they can grow, heal and achieve more.

If you’re also looking to turn your visions into real money and success, here’s how music can help.


How the research worked

The Body Shop spent time looking at over 100,000 songs that appear on different Spotify playlists to find the most commonly featured ones.

Experts looked for songs that focused on ‘girl power’, ‘seize the day’ and other powerful wording. From there, they selected the 20 songs … Read more

These UK shares all trade below the £1 marker. Should I buy these penny stocks for my Stocks and Shares ISA today?

#1: Bargain penny stock

We all love a good bargain. In fact, the tremendous growth of Aldi, Primark and B&M over the past decade (to name just a few low-cost retailers) is testament to how consumers now demand more bang for their buck. This growing need for value is why I believe Card Factory is an attractive buy for the years ahead. It’s true this penny stock has a hell of a lot of debt on its books. But with its 1,000-odd stores about to reopen in the coming days, hopefully the company can get to work repairing its financial position. I’d happily add this UK share to my ISA today. Though, like my colleague Rupert Hargreaves, I wouldn’t invest huge sums until its balance sheet shows signs … Read more

Companies are making big money on social media.

And you can too.

The trick to social media marketing is knowing the foundations of what makes it work so well. Making money for your business is a huge pro (and what might be your goal on paper), but social gives companies an opportunity that was harder to come by before smartphones became our best friends.

With social media, you can develop a relationship with your audience in a way that wasn’t possible before Facebook went viral. We get to use social media to talk to our audience and show them we really know our stuff. The right social media marketing strategy speaks to your cold, warm, and hot leads on one platform.

And that’s what leads to revenue.

When people see you as more than a company with a fancy logo and more as a relatable expert in your field (B2B … Read more