If you are one of the two and a half million landlords in the UK, do you know everything you need to know about landlord insurance? Have you got the right coverage? And do you know how much landlord insurance is?

What type of insurance do I need as a landlord?

Landlord insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is definitely recommended. Mainly because conventional home insurance won’t cover you for rental activities.

By renting out your property, you increase your level of risk because you are not the one living at the property – your tenants are. So landlord insurance is more about covering the risk of things like non-payment of rent or damage by tenants, as well as what a ‘normal’ home insurance policy would cover.

What responsibilities do I have as a landlord?

There are certain things that you need to do as a landlord in … Read more

The FTSE 250-listed insurance provider Just Group (LSE: JUST) saw its share price sky-rocket after releasing its business update today. With a 17% price increase as I write, the Just Group share price is finally back to the pre-crisis levels of around a year ago. 

This is encouraging for a share that saw quite the fall last year. It lost over half its value from the highs seen in February 2020. But I think the important question now is whether JUST can maintain these share price levels and rise from here on. 

I believe there are arguments both in its favour and against it. 

What favours Just Group

Just Group’s latest performance is clearly something that goes in its favour. Its sales are up 12% and it’s fortifying itself against risks by reducing its exposure to the UK’s property market, as well. 

JUST’s also optimistic about 2021. According to … Read more

I have a prediction.

In 2021, Facebook is going to get busted up like Ma Bell (with Instagram and WhatsApp spun off on their own). The resulting exodus of unhappy advertisers will flee into the willing arms of TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and good old SEO.

And the smart marketers will repurpose content in a few clever ways we’ll discuss here.

See, Facebook spent $10.5 billion in legal fees alone in 2019. Still a fraction of $70 billion in ad revenue they earned, from which they generated $18.4 billion in net income. They seemed invincible.

Until they weren’t.

Unable to address mounting issues with content moderation, the government treats Facebook like a publisher (The New York Times), not a technology company that allows social blogging (WordPress).

In 2021, I predict it all comes crashing down. Mister “Senator, we run ads” cannot spin Apple as evil and Facebook as the … Read more

Tougher lockdown rules are being introduced in Scotland to help stop the spread of coronavirus, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced. Here’s the lowdown on the new rules and some tips on how to make the most of lockdown.

What’s the current situation in Scotland?

Most of Scotland (apart from a few islands) has been in full lockdown since 5 January, with a legal requirement for people to stay at home.

You cannot leave home except for essential reasons such as work, a medical appointment, to collect food and supplies and for exercise. Many non-essential shops and services are shut.

What are the new lockdown rules?

There are concerns that the current ‘stay at home’ message isn’t having the same impact as it did in previous lockdowns. So, the Scottish government is enforcing the following six changes to the current lockdown rules:

  • Click and collect services are limited to
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