The Unilever (LSE:ULVR) share price hasn’t done well this year. The stock is down from around 4,800p in November of last year to around 3,900p currently. Although there are many reasons for the decline, here are some key reasons why I think the ULVR share price fell and what I’d do as a result.

Why I think the ULVR share price weakened recently

I reckon the ULVR share price has fallen for two reasons. First, I think stock rotation could have something to do with Unilever’s decline. Given its defensive position, many larger institutional investors may have gone into Unilever as a ‘safe haven’ during the first part of the pandemic, when things were very uncertain. Given that it’s a leading consumer staple whose main products don’t cost very much, many investors likely reasoned that the pandemic wouldn’t greatly affect Unilever’s demand.

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We all know what a purse or wallet is, but how about a Bitcoin wallet? Well, you can’t store this digital asset in the back pocket of your jeans. I’m going to explain everything you need to know about crypto wallets so that if you do buy Bitcoin, you understand how to store it properly.

How Bitcoin works

The first thing to understand about Bitcoin wallets relates to how Bitcoin actually works. By purchasing Bitcoin, you basically own a small piece of the digital network.

Because the Bitcoin blockchain is just one big digital accounting ledger, you don’t actually get handed anything tangible. The Bitcoin network just keeps a record of what you own. 

What a Bitcoin wallet is

Just as you need a program to send, receive, and store emails, a Bitcoin wallet lets you send, receive and store Bitcoin. Your Bitcoin wallet is a program that allows … Read more

The year has barely started, but nonprofits are well into planning, strategizing, and executing on plans for 2021. As the world continues to struggle with the ongoing pandemic, delivery of healthcare and vaccines, flagging economies, and political instability, the work nonprofits are doing — and the successful execution of plans designed to maximize impact — is increasingly critical.

When it comes to engagement, these global concerns will continue to drive supporter behavior. And while it would be ideal to plan for the year as though things will resolve quickly, having a strategy in place that accounts for unforeseen events is a good course of action when so much is still uncertain.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the strongest trends we’re seeing so far this year as nonprofits prepare for the healing, rebuilding, and unknowns of 2021.

Supporter experience is the fuel that powers a good supporter journey.


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What should investors do when core shareholdings fall out of favour? Should they cut their losses by selling up and moving on? Or should they stick with key stocks by holding on for future recovery? At the moment, this is my dilemma with my largest shareholding, my shares in £62.3bn pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK). The GSK share price seems to be in freefall, so is should I give up and invest elsewhere?

GlaxoSmithKline shares head for 10-year lows

The GSK share price hovered around 1,217p, down 1.7% on Friday as I wrote this (although it finished the day ‘only’ 1.08% down). Also, it has fallen 12.1% over the past month. This puts GSK at #100/100 among FTSE 100 shares in terms of share-price performance over the past 30 days. Ouch.

Furthermore, GSK’s share price is down 11.2% over three months, 18.8% over six months, 25.7% over a year, Read more

By: Orvin T. Kimbrough, Chairman & CEO at Midwest BankCentre

Corporate purpose is often conflated with a company’s mission statement. While they’re similar in that they both offer a unifying framework by which a company operates, corporate purpose goes deeper than its more surface-level counterpart. For me and my team at Midwest BankCentre, corporate purpose sits at the core of our value space and our customer-centric strategy, and it provides clarity when it’s seemingly missing — it’s our North Star. Ultimately, corporate purpose is about tapping into and unleashing the soul power of a company.

Corporate purpose is about tapping into and unleashing the soul power of a company.

1. Corporate Purpose Must Start at the Top

When corporate purpose starts at the top of the organization, it has a way of disseminating throughout your organization and into the communities we serve. Corporate purpose helps us cut through the clutter … Read more