Ralph Lauren worked to use more sustainable materials and manufacturing practices across the Team USA collection

Ralph Lauren has unveiled the Team USA Closing Ceremony Parade Uniforms and apparel collection for the 2020 US Olympic and Paralympic Teams. For these Games, Ralph Lauren worked to use more sustainable materials and manufacturing practices across the Team USA collection.

The Company has developed and invested in ground-breaking innovations in sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies that will debut with this collection and will have global, industry-changing implications.

“Following a year marked by isolation and strife, this summer’s Games are a true testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and the universal power of sport to energise and unite the world,” said David Lauren, Chief Innovation and Branding Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board.

“As we come together to celebrate and compete, we must also embrace our responsibility to protect the planet … Read more

Community and technical colleges play a vital role in providing equitable access to education, and we at Salesforce.org are committed to supporting these institutions through technology, workforce development, and lifelong learning initiatives. With Community College Month in full swing, we’re proud to announce the launch of the 2021 Salesforce.org Community and Technical College Advisory Council.  

Innovators across 12 institutions nationwide have come together to share best practices to drive learner and institution success, leverage Salesforce.org Education Cloud, and accelerate digital transformation. Meet the diverse, passionate group of Trailblazers across our community!

Announcing the new members of the 2021 Community & Technical College Advisory Council.

Community & Technical College Advisory Council Goals

“When we connect across institutions and regions, we have the opportunity to learn from each other – triumphs and tribulations. In this sense, collaboration is really central to the heart of education.” – Shannon Thomas, Dean of Technology … Read more

It’s well documented that on average, women generally earn less than men. But did you know that women also typically pay more total interest than men when borrowing? New research from credit management platform Credit Karma has revealed a gender credit gap with women paying thousands of pounds more to borrow over their lifetime. 


What is the gender credit gap and how big is it?

According to Credit Karma, women could end up paying close to £17,000 more than men over their lifetime when they borrow money.

That is mainly because of lower credit scores, which means that women have to pay more in interest for a wide variety of financial products, including credit cards, mortgages, and unsecured loans.

Credit Karma found that women have lower credit scores on average than men (652 vs 705).

In addition, a larger percentage of women (19.5%) have a credit score … Read more

Despite how great the latest marketing tech stack gets, it always feels like there’s room for attribution improvement.

We’d know exactly how someone went from finding out about your brand to becoming a happy customer in a perfect world. But it’s not that easy. You know this by now, having realized that tracking social media ROI can be really difficult.

Can you confidently say that you know your social ROI?

If you said no, you’re with the majority of marketers trying to figure it out (including us!). Here’s what we’re doing to track social media ROI and *attempt* to get the right attribution.

#1: Clicks to Website by Source

Let’s start with the basics of website visitors. When someone clicks on your website, they’ve engaged with your brand. They’ve shown a clear interest in what you’re doing and we can now move them from the Awareness Stage of the Customer Read more

You’ve likely heard someone say they’re good at multitasking or even consider yourself a great multitasker. Simply put, multitasking is the act of performing two or more tasks at the same time. However, this assertion is fundamentally flawed as the brain cannot entirely focus on two tasks simultaneously. What happens is that, during multitasking, the brain effectively switches from one task to the other with a big loss in productivity by as much as 40%. Instead of attempting to multitask, focus all your efforts on the “right” tasks done correctly to optimize performance.

Image courtesy of Zipboard

Why people multitask

Some people think they’re great at multitasking because they can, in fact, reduce productivity loss by moving more seamlessly between tasks. For example, Linda Pawlik Picardo, an actress, contractor, and custom jewelry pieces maker, has been successful in all those areas because of her ability to multitask efficiently. But … Read more