What can small businesses do to stand out in a crowd? The market has become extremely noisy. Getting your ideal client to notice you is difficult. But correctly positioning your brand and communicating it to your target audience can get you noticed. And having an effective brand positioning statement can make your marketing much easier.

What is a brand positioning statement?

A brand positioning statement describes what your business does and what makes you different to those you serve. It should highlight the way we want customers to think and feel about our business through their experience with us. It is an internal statement that guides your business decisions based on how you want to be perceived within the market.

Your brand positioning is the underlying strategic statement that is central to every marketing campaign. It will help you to create messages that establish value in the minds of your … Read more

TEDx Sydney 2020 assembled a global cast of contributors to create its title sequence, including our own development, design and animation agency Spillt. Each studio contributed their own unique vision of reality, with the resulting diversity of concept and style supporting reality’s elastic nature. Seen together, this suite of idents combines to illustrate the complexity of the real more completely than any could achieve alone.

Here’s more on the thought behind the theme and execution: 

When what’s “real” is debated every day — from politics, to climate change, economics, even the nature of the universe – how can we shape, challenge or change our reality… and understand who we are within it?

On a more down-to-earth level, how can we sum up the TEDx Sydney 2020 theme of REAL, with so many permutations and interpretations conjured by the word?

In the past, TEDx title sequences have aimed to provoke Read more

Carlsberg is starting 2021 with a toast to alcohol-free beer as it unveils its latest ad featuring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen

Carlsberg 0.0’s first global ad comes at the start of a year which is predicted to see more people drink alcohol-free beer than ever before.

The brand’s alcohol-free beer has seen a huge growth in recent years and became more popular than ever during a turbulent 2020. Driven by an increased focus on health and wellness and awareness of the great taste and options available, the Carlsberg Group’s alcohol-free brews portfolio grew 29% between July and September of 2020.

The new ad sees Mads Mikkelsen’s cycling philosopher character peddle through Copenhagen in traditional style, celebrating the great taste and versatility of Carlsberg’s alcohol-free beer.

Demonstrating how good moments can be made even better with alcohol-free beer, he enjoys a Carlsberg 0.0 in different situations, including finishing a game of … Read more

By: Laura Goff, Associate Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies, Excelsior College

Part of providing the ultimate student experience also involves providing the best faculty and staff experience. Now more than ever, institutions are taking swift measures to ensure that faculty and staff feel safe, supported, and have the best employee experience possible — regardless of whether they are in a classroom or their living room.

There has been a surge in companies investing in technology to enhance their employee experience — and this is no different for higher education. For our team at Excelsior College, an accredited not-for-profit online institution, we’re providing more efficient experiences for our faculty and staff through our new faculty management solution.

We know that the student experience often depends on those who interact with our students on a daily basis — our faculty. Supporting them holistically not only makes for a stronger institution, it also … Read more

Tougher lockdown rules are being introduced in Scotland to help stop the spread of coronavirus, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced. Here’s the lowdown on the new rules and some tips on how to make the most of lockdown.

What’s the current situation in Scotland?

Most of Scotland (apart from a few islands) has been in full lockdown since 5 January, with a legal requirement for people to stay at home.

You cannot leave home except for essential reasons such as work, a medical appointment, to collect food and supplies and for exercise. Many non-essential shops and services are shut.

What are the new lockdown rules?

There are concerns that the current ‘stay at home’ message isn’t having the same impact as it did in previous lockdowns. So, the Scottish government is enforcing the following six changes to the current lockdown rules:

  • Click and collect services are limited to
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